A little something new for you, but it’s not blue.

Something blue is for another time....a time a lot of my clients are currently heading VERY quickly towards, but thankfully I’ve not needed for a long time. 


I figure it’s high time to add a little something new to the website & to my “brand” because it’s ever evolving, right? And what better way than to give you tips, tricks, looks into my life, classic trends, pictorial updates, and really just fun little bits of news that I feel are important to every one of my clients, fiends (yes - that’s intentional hehe - these are otherwise known as friends!) and people I meet randomly  that I think are smart bits you should know! 


But today, today is a little bit more personal - just a little bit more of an in-depth get to know me on a deeper level.

 So Hi! I’m Kristin - self proclaimed weirdo who pushes it as far as I can, probably too far sometimes, and I’ll admit, I drive my hubs crazy most of the time. I don’t mind people saying that I’m different - different is good. I choose my happiness over  following trends and crowds - which to be honest, wasn’t always the case, but that’s life & personal growth, right? 

I’m a lover of all black everything, all the while my husband thinks I should add some color to my wardrobe. Meanwhile, he doesn’t consider my white stripes to be color. Heh heh I do have a serious love for black & white stripes - like it may border on unhealthy. I did have one bride tell me, that I show up to work looking like a preppy goth Barbie. To which I immediately burst out laughing until I teared up. I mean, you’re going to always find me in a cardigan, a dress WITH pockets & either my ridiculously reliable dainty chucks or a pair of striped flats, so I suppose I can see where she was going with it, but it still never will cease to make me chuckle.
 I’m going to follow that up with my musical tastes - I listen to a few different choices that never follow in line with what, I would say, is the popular vote. Except maybe the 90’s - everyone loves the 90’s. But if you aren’t into the metalcore, rock, or alt scene - it can be hard to swallow I suppose. The amount of times that I get “but you’re such a nice girl” is more often than naught. Yes, I’m a nice girl, but yes, I also love Manson, Beartooth, Bullet For My Valentine, Crown the Empire, The Amity Affliction, Bring Me The Horizon & Memphis May Fire (to name a few) beating through my speakers super loud to sing along with. It’s not for everyone, but I enjoy it. On the same hand though, I also love classical music, too. 

 I love curling up on the couch watching a seriously devastatingly good horror movie - I mean give me a good one. I’m not into the pop cultured jump scare non-sense. I need to be scared in real life down to the bones. Everyone was apparently terrified by this Netflix jam Veronica - honestly, I’d give it a 39% out of a 100% on the scare meter. I watch horror like most girls watch RomComs. Sometimes just because I’m bored. Flip side of that - I LOVE home improvement shows and Star vs The Forces of Evil. (If you don’t know what it is - YOU SHOULD)

Snuggling with my hubby & our cats, Dracula & Lily are two of my favorite pastimes - of course they’re done simultaneously soo....yeah, I’m also generally having to watch multiple hockey games in a row because - “its playoffs, babe” - but I always get him back later. Yes, I’m a little salty because my team didn’t make the playoffs. As a mom of 4, there's not much down time - but we make do. I do a lot of driving. The older kids spend most of their time with their friends, talking to them or playing on the Xbox with them and the Little’s spend their time hanging with us & getting dirty outside with their friends. I would say I couldn't imagine it another way, but - another way would be with a lot more food in the house, and not spending so much time refilling "oops, mom we're out of these" - all I can say is - How did we live before Amazon Prime? For real though...

 My hubs & I have celebrated 11 years of marriage this year, and we celebrate our 16th year of shenanigans, too. Something I am super proud of and that isn’t what I’d call easy, but totally worth it. He’s the most amazing man I’ve ever met - surprisingly he puts up with my silliness, my weird voices I make, my ocd, and all around oddity. Even though he didn’t let me bring home the double headed baby skeleton from NYC, I still love him an awful lot. I would have never guessed back when I was 15 and he was my brother’s best friend that we’d be where we are today. I think about that a lot when I go freeze my bum off and watch him play hockey - something I did when I was  younger and watching the two of them play. 

I’m just your not so average chick, gettin’ by in your average life, doing what she loves every day, with her family. I love this crazy life & all the surprises along the way. If you’ve made it this far, I commend you!! I really hope you look forward to this blog as much as I look forward to building it! If there are any questions you’d like to know the answers to...ask away! If there is any content you’d like to see here - drop that in the comments below too!